Friday, February 10, 2012

A few models for people to look at if they like.

Here are a few assorted models I painted up at various times over the last year or so.

Kaya the Wildborne turned out fairly well given that I lost her left arm and had to sculpt one for her from scratch.

The Blue Fellow is a model from a game called Vor the Maelstrom. He is a proxy for a Gorax until I pick up the new one...the old one was not among my favorite models.
Here we have an old Warhammer FB Ogre, and my wife's Dwarven cleric from a brief and ill fated DnD campaign...damned kobolds.

The Horde of Hormagaunts.

I recently started doing some commision painting to raise a few dollars while I am between jobs. The Horde of Hormagaunts is my largest single job to date in terms of models. The only pieces I painted in this first one are the 100 hormagaunts filling up the two shelves. All other pieces were done by a variety of other companies.

These next few shots are the Gaunts in progress, actually some images I sent to the client as test samples for the color scheme. He elected to go a bit more yellowish for the back armour but quite liked the bone claws in preference to the black talons that some of his other peices had been given.