Thursday, August 2, 2012

Circle Orboros Rising Up

Being unemployed has added a lot of ability to get some painting done so here are some of my Circle Figs.
My take on a Warpwolf with Protective Plates.

 Spines are all sculpted from greenstuff with a paperclip armature.

 This wolf is my first real attempt to use wet blending. I am happy with the overall effect.

 Love this model. Not a perfect job and I plan to redo him once I master wet blending but certainly a decent looking figure for playing with.

 E Kaya probably could have gotten some more time spent on her. I may go back and do a light wash to mute the highlights on the cloak.

 My thinking on the staff was that it would be the root of a tree carved into a blade and perhaps shaped by druidic magic. I did try a woodgrain effect but could not really find a satisfactory angle for the grain to cross at.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moving to the Three Fold Land

So here am I in the desert. I have been here for a couple of months and it took nearly that long for me to get a painting table set up. Since then I have only done a bit of work on my Circle Bloodtrackers and a test paint of a space wolf scout to see if the primer I bought worked. Finally getting a job has taken some of the wieght off my shoulders as far as daily angst and I hope to be back to painting regularly soon. Chairs are so important and should never be taken for granted. Having only one in the house has made the logistics of getting anything done tricky but now that I have the days to myself and no need to spend hours poring over want ads hope springs eternal.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A few models for people to look at if they like.

Here are a few assorted models I painted up at various times over the last year or so.

Kaya the Wildborne turned out fairly well given that I lost her left arm and had to sculpt one for her from scratch.

The Blue Fellow is a model from a game called Vor the Maelstrom. He is a proxy for a Gorax until I pick up the new one...the old one was not among my favorite models.
Here we have an old Warhammer FB Ogre, and my wife's Dwarven cleric from a brief and ill fated DnD campaign...damned kobolds.

The Horde of Hormagaunts.

I recently started doing some commision painting to raise a few dollars while I am between jobs. The Horde of Hormagaunts is my largest single job to date in terms of models. The only pieces I painted in this first one are the 100 hormagaunts filling up the two shelves. All other pieces were done by a variety of other companies.

These next few shots are the Gaunts in progress, actually some images I sent to the client as test samples for the color scheme. He elected to go a bit more yellowish for the back armour but quite liked the bone claws in preference to the black talons that some of his other peices had been given.