Thursday, August 2, 2012

Circle Orboros Rising Up

Being unemployed has added a lot of ability to get some painting done so here are some of my Circle Figs.
My take on a Warpwolf with Protective Plates.

 Spines are all sculpted from greenstuff with a paperclip armature.

 This wolf is my first real attempt to use wet blending. I am happy with the overall effect.

 Love this model. Not a perfect job and I plan to redo him once I master wet blending but certainly a decent looking figure for playing with.

 E Kaya probably could have gotten some more time spent on her. I may go back and do a light wash to mute the highlights on the cloak.

 My thinking on the staff was that it would be the root of a tree carved into a blade and perhaps shaped by druidic magic. I did try a woodgrain effect but could not really find a satisfactory angle for the grain to cross at.

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