Friday, April 29, 2011

Blood Axes the second wave

Ok so to start with I finished up another eight new Blood Axe Slugga Boyz. Nine if you count the one that was being repaired (which I don't). This means I have seventeen Boyz finished including a Nob and three big shootaz. What's even better is that I learned a neat trick based on the diffused light BT mentioned. In the first pic of the new Boyz I just took the shot with as much natural light and as many light sources as I could but it still needed the flash. As you can see its clear enough but really bleached and overbright. Then I got an idea. If the flash was too bright why not just difuse it? SO after putting a small piece of masking tape over the flash I took the following pics which are, aside from som focus issues, much more what I had in mind for lighting levels.

Clear and fairly sharp with lots of detail but the colors much more closely resembling what the models look like in real life under normal lighting.

Obviously some are better than others and the bottom part of the 'filter' tended to slide up and let too much light out but I was able to fix that pretty easily by pushing it down again and retaking the shot. Digital is really great for the abundance of shots you can take while trying to get the best results.

Photography aside I am pretty happy with the boyz. Obviously I need to keep working on my skills since a fair bit of the line work on these guys is either too drastic or a bit sloppy. They are painted well beyond the minimum playable standard of course but that is hardly a claim to fame.

The above group shot was including the other painted Boyz just to get some pics of the mob as a whole so far.

Same here just a group shot of the mob.

I will finish up the remaining boyz for this mob and move on to the next over the next week or so. Goffs should go a LOT faster hehe. just prime..highlight...throw on some dags and checks and your good to go. Its near enough to make me go Goff. But not quite.

Good gaming folks. Please feel free to let me know what ya think.

P.S. If anyone knows how to move photos around in a post while you are creating it on this Blogger thing please let me know. I am trying to put up pics in a progressive sequence but if I accidentally delete one it get stuck up top. Thanks

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  1. Wow. The better I get at photographing these guys the worse I feel about my painting. They look fine on the battlefield though and with the plan being to do a few hundred of em I am going to have to learn to live with it for now. I can always replace the less well painted guys later on.