Thursday, April 28, 2011

I feel a bit bad about not having put up any pics for a few days. So here are a few of my trukk. This was actually hacked together back in the Gorkamorka days to accommodate more boyz than the original trukk model without getting so huge as to make it a ridiculously easy target. As Nick pointed out the newer models are a lot more interesting and beefy. I hope to pick up a few but will play with what I have or cobble together a truck from scratch out of the several old ones I had as well as some bulkheads ..tanks...random toys..what have you. The great thing about Orks for the conversion crazed Mek is that they do not have a neat and tidy style of design like some of the more stuck up armies out there. You really can go to town and as long as its Ded Hard and has lotz o' Dakka you are good to go...after all if its a vehicle it will probably get blasted to pieces on turn two at the latest.
This poor piece of wreckage seems to have lost its gun somewhere along the way though that is easily fixed.

As you may be able to tell I was experimenting with the different kinds of light available. Brendan had some good tips on multiple light sources and building a light box but at the moment I will have to make do until I can get a few bucks together for more lamps and such. I kind of like the pictures without the flash even though they don't show as much detail...or maybe BECAUSE they don't but they also tend to look more authentic and realistic. You only get flashbulb lighting conditions in life at public spectacles and in 40k probably when someone's plasma cannon overheats. It will be nice to have these pics up for when I do a new trukk so I can see the before and after. Meanwhile...enjoy this little piece of nostalgic conversion. Hey I just realized I can make the Ork Land Speeder I always wanted to and call it a dred kopta!! I better get some sleep first, once I get started it can be hard to stop...I don't really need ALL the old bikes (insert crazed laughter)

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