Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am learning it's the details that take the most time. All the fiddling and fixing at the end of a model probably can take as much time as doing the highlights of any of the base colors. Guess this is why neatness counts throughout. My hand is not as steady as it once was, much like an athlete who has let himself go my painting skill and muscle memory have gone soft. With practice I am improving but my speed vs accuracy is the biggest hurdle. Much like archery, painting seems to be largely in the mind more than the hands. Visualizing your model is more important in many ways than actually being able to see it clearly since your hands don't use your eyes so much as your memory when painting. This is one of the reasons painting several of the same or very similar models at the same time is good because it is like getting out on the practice field and shooting over and over or if you are more academic in your metaphors like studying writing and reciting over and over to learn information.

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