Friday, May 20, 2011

First Battle Report

Ok well I forgot my Camera. One of the gentlemen at the event in question had his camera phone and said he would try and send me some pics. If that happens I will gladly post em. The battle was great. We both had a lot of fun and were delighted that the other guy was not an ass. We decided to go classic so annihilation with pitched battle setup for simplicity.
Orks deployed and went first. Turn 1..Orks..move move move move move run run run run run run...Tank takes a shot...falls short boo.
Turn 1 Tyranids...move move move move move run run run ...pot shot at the grots from the zoanthropes kill a few grots and an ork.
Turn 2 Orks...Move move move move run run run pot shot with NO DAMAGE. Warbikes decimate Termagant brood between shooting and combat..two survive and are fearless Ork shooting is almost universally pointless.
Turn 2 NIDs ...
Ok It gets a little fuzzy on the details at this point...note to self..take notes during the fight..and bring camera.
Basicly we played two or three turns and had a huge melee in the middle of the battlefield...really we shoulda just deployed 12" apart and said lets get some.
Nobs mob was wearing out the big ugly thing with the cool base whose name completely escapes me at the moment. Bikers were set to join as was the nobs mob. One full mob of ork boyz and one half mob of ork boyz still in combat. Woulda been a great fight but we ran out of time as I had to head to work. I am starting to think maybe I need to do necromunda/mordheim stuff during the week..that or get a smaller more compact army/learn the rules backward and forward to speed play up a bit. Well we shall see.
In any case the orks may not have finished the whole battle but they looked pretty good on the field.

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