Saturday, May 7, 2011

Keeping my nose to the grindstone...or paint pallete.

Painting can be freaking exhausting. I have been trying to get in between four and six hours of solid painting a night. This is not always possible and I can see burnout looming on the horizon. I may just have to cut back to more task oriented goals. I want to post a step by step guide to the painting process for those who are not familiar with how easy model painting can be with the right techniques and tricks. I took an entire series of photos only to realize the memory card wasnt in my camera. So that will have to be redone. Who would have thought you could leave the film out of a digital camera?
The Goff Boyz are comming pics but The skin is done. They are basecoated and actually pretty playable as is but of course that is not good enough. I am really starting to use the models as practice for some different techniques both to improve my painting and to see if I can find faster and easier ways to go. Overhighlighting with slightly garish greens and then doing an Ork Flesh Wash over that actually did not look horrific. I think just doing a basecoat of snot green and then washing it with green ink twice might give a reasonable facsimile of orkdom. I am not there yet. I prefer painting up in graduated highlights but I am beginning to think the Boyz are too dark a green. Well I guess I will get some feedback when I finally get a game in. The Warhammer Buffalo group on FB is up to almost 30 now. Hopefully people will add others as well. Some have already. So far though no games actually played by members except a couple of rounds of Mordheim with Chris S. from the BGS. Good time though. If nothing else we are introducing the concept of small scale wargaming as a possibility even for the anti painting crowd.

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